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Saltfork Outdoors has supplied us with maps to Salt Fork Lake, Salt Fork State Park and Salt Fork Wildlife Area maps. These are available in two formats. For each map, you will see either GIF or PDF under format. The GIF link will bring up the map directly onto the web page for instant viewing. You will then be able to magnify the map to view the map in more detail. The PDF link will download the map and it will be opened in Adobe Reader. You will then be able to print off the map. In order do download the map in the PDF format, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download this free software from

You can also obtain these and other maps from the Marinas.

Dial-up users can expect longer wait times when downloading the PDF files


Salt Fork State Park GIF PDF
Salt Fork Lake GIF PDF
Salt Fork Lake/Pine Trees *New* GIF PDF
Salt Fork Hunting Zone GIF PDF


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